We are a non-profit NGO engaging communities and driving action to protect the natural world.

Founded in late 2018 by two friends wanting to make a difference to our world.

We aim to improve the world that surrounds us by creating lasting solutions to tackle the global environmental issues of today and tomorrow.

Our way is to go local. By focusing our efforts on a small area we can have a greater impact!

We create innovative ways to tackle these issues through working directly with communities on the ground

We produce films to promote awareness of global environmental issues

Filming women cocoa farmers in Central Ghana (2018)

Beach cleaning with local schoolchildren, Portugal (2018)

Beach cleaning with local schoolchildren, Portugal (2018)

Our first film and project is tackling coastal retreat through an innovative new community-based model of environmental restoration in the village of Cova do Vapor, Portugal.




Watch the film and learn how we are helping to restore the dunes in front of the village to protect the people. 

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