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Dune Project x TransforMar ~ April Update

News from the team out in Lisbon! 

We had a great month last month and are excited to bring you some news about how the project is progressing out in Cova do Vapor. 

We have been working very closely with local stakeholders to ensure that all your generously donated money is spent as wisely and efficiently as possible. In collaboration with the University of Lisboa (UIL), TransforMar, the local municipality and community we have begun to map the dunes to establish the ideal location to build the recycled plastic walkway, where to erect the fencing and replant the marram grasses. Working with so many different parties has meant our schedules have been pushed back slightly but we are confident that having all parties agreed on the plan is better for everyone. 

Our focus for last month was to ensure that the emergency services had the access to the beach that they required and that we had accurately surveyed the existing vegetation on the dunes. It has been really exciting to work with UIL’s support on this and we are delighted to share some images of the workshops. We will use the findings in our planning for the replanting in November. 

Some of you may be wondering where your T-Shirts and Limited Edition Prints are.. Fear not we haven’t forgotten you. We have sustainably sourced the T-Shirts and they have all been silkscreen printed by hand in Lisbon. We are now awaiting the final touches to be added to them before they are sent or given out to you all (where possible we will try and give you these in person to save the environmental cost of postage). 

If you would like to know any more about how the project is progressing please don’t hesitate to get in contact. 

Theodore Grainzevelles