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In Ocean Bottle's Dip Dive series, we take a plunge into different communities and individuals around the world who are enforcing positive change.
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Ep. 1 - Art for Change

In the first episode of Dip Dive, we meet Vijayraj Yacob Dass, the artist behind the mural at the first ever Ocean Bottle plastic collection site situated in Pondicherry.

Find out how he's creating art for change and telling a new narrative for plastic waste management in India.
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Ep. 2 - Coral Innovation

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Yellow Coral Fish
In the second episode, technician Oshiko Riley talks us through the vital importance of coral reefs and why we must protect and restore one of the most important ecosystems on the planet. Coral Vita works with a range of stakeholders to restore dying reefs. Through an innovative restoration model, they are able to bring reefs back to life by growing climate change resilient corals and planting them into degraded reef sites.
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Ep. 3 - Plastic Bank

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In episode 3, we meet Helenita and Ronaldo from Plastic Bank in Rio de Janeiro, a coastal town in Brazil with an innovative approach to preventing plastic pollution. Helenita and Ronaldo work with the local community to collect plastic before it reaches the ocean. Helenita also provides a service to local residents helping them get access to hospitals in exchange for plastic collection.

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Ep. 4 - Queer Surf Club

Introducing Queer Surf Club in episode 4, a community of LGBTQ+ surfers and allies from across the globe. Their mission is to create an inclusive space for surfing and to raise awareness about ocean preservation.

Ep. 5 - Women Against Waste

In episode 5, together with Waste4Change, Ocean Bottle and rePurpose Global visit a waste bank started by Nia Kurniasih in Bekasi, Indonesia. In the short film, Nia reinforces the importance of access to appropriate waste collection avenues and the need to educate others on how crucial this is.

Indonesian Tribal Art
Indonesian Tribal Art
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Indonesian Tribal Art 1 White
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Viz, Street Artist, Pondicherry
Oshiko Riley, Coral Vita
Helenita and Ronaldo, Plastic Bank
Frazer, Queer Surf Club
Nia Kurniasih, Dina Yulita, Suryani &
Sri Wihati Astuti, Waste4Change

Creative Producers
Théo Grainzevelles & Josh Carroll

Harry Lee, Episode 2
Pedro Macedo & Anderson Casulo, Episode 3
Ed Fousset, Episode 4
Muhammad Riffai, Episode 5

Tom Oliver & Rebecca Lynes

Graphics & Illustration
Yi An Chen

Composition, Sound Design & Mastering
Arthur Carneiro, Pauze.Rec
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