Duna Films

What We Do


We are a purpose-driven organisation, creating awareness and driving action for

important environmental and social issues.

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 WE DO filmS


We create films to drive awareness and investment about important issues. Take a look ->

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Community PROJECTS


By providing a solution through which the local community can directly participate and support restorative projects it helps to educate and engage those closest to the issue. In turn, helping to ensure long-term success.

Bringing over 10 years experience in this field our team can assist with all forms of community engagement, from stakeholder workshops to artist liaison we can assist throughout the project development. 

Learn about our projects. 

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Community based crowdfunding


We source investment for the projects we undertake using our new approach to tackling environmental issues. By using the natural, cultural and social beauty of a place to its advantage we raise the money needed for environmental restoration. 

Local rewards for local benefit. 


Find out more about our latest campaign

"Without community participation and support, the success of environmental projects decreases dramatically. We need a social licence to operate, this is why we put community at the heart of everything we do."

Théo Grainzevelles, Co-Founder of Duna Films